Must-Have Tools For Frequent Motorcycle Riders

Many of you, cyclists, love the feeling of riding on a nice, clear day with warm breeze brushing against you You enjoy the energetic freedom you gain from such experiences. Perhaps you have not yet ridden a motorcycle, but are eager to ride one. Though all the aspects of motorcycle riding seem super appealing, you must consider safety first! One of these essential parts of your safety is keeping a toolkit by your side in case of emergency, small repairs, and even putting the motorcycle parts together to save money.

Several tools you will need to possess in order to put the parts together and keep your vehicle safe to use concern the following:

A socket with a six-sided head
A vast number of motorcycles, particularly those of Japanese design, utilize a multitude of six-sided hardware, which requires keys that are particularly six-sided, fitting the fasteners. In order for you to fit all joints, it would be ideal for you to keep a set of six of these sockets of different sizes.

In addition to the sockets, screwdrivers are essential for fastening the components together and adjusting the joints. You may either choose to purchase a package of various-sized screwdrivers, or you may go with a screwdriver that contains several varying tops. The second option may even be better since it is compact and easily transported. Still, as mentioned above, choose a screwdriver, which also contains six-sided tops, as it will be a necessity.

A collection of wrenches
As the tools mentioned above, varying sizes of wrenches are a necessity in order to fasten the parts of the motorcycle that loosen over time A few notes to keep in mind are that there are two types of wrenches that may be purchased- either ones that are standard or ones that are metric. In order to make the right choice, examine the type of fasteners used in your model, then purchase the respective type of wrenches. This will save you money, time and the hassle of figuring out which wrenches fit best.

A socket and ratchet
These tools will oftentimes come in handy when dealing with a rather major operation. In this set of tools, you may choose something as fundamental as a standard or metric set, and purchase the sockets one-by-one as necessary to fit the correct sizes, up to a much more expensive set containing sockets and ratchets of any size you can think of A note to keep in mind: examine the size of the fasteners you will need for the wheels, since those are a lot bigger than most of the other fasteners you will be using.

Set of torque wrenches
This device is truly a necessity for safety reasons. An estimate is usually an inaccurate guess and a huge risk when it concerns putting a gigantic motorcycle together! In order to completely prevent the risk of not tightening the joints enough or tightening them too much together, then a set of torque wrenches will do the job. The way a torque wrench works is that it will display exactly how much you should fasten the components of the cycle together.

Other Essential Tools
Other essential tools needed for motorcycle constructing, maintaining, and using that you may find obvious, include a motorcycle stand, a hammer, a set of pliers, a tire pressure gauge, and, of course, a personal manual. In addition to these tools, a tool not usually so emphasized is a GPS! The last situation you would want to find yourself in is being unable to find your way, in the middle of traffic and in times like this you will need a GPS. If you will be using phone’s GPS, you will need to have a phone mount. If you want to be practical, go for diy motorcycle phone mount instead of buying expensive ones. Put in the time and research to truly get an honest GPS that will take you to your destination with minimal confusions in order to avoid unnecessary disaster.

Why should you use a GPS device for street activities?

If you consider yourself a hiking purist or a hardcore outdoor and street enthusiast, you just might think that using GPS devices and equipment is nothing more than a pure heresy. Well, you might have a point, to a certain degree, because many street activity aficionados would agree that using GPS devices for street and hiking activities diminishes the real challenge of finding your own ways and routes through the city. However, this is only partially true, because there is no denying that GPS for street activities can be immensely helpful for street and outdoor trips and activities.

The basics of GPS

There is a good chance that you probably just hate GPS devices and the notion of using them for street activities. However, there is also a good chance that you are actually not very well familiarized with the devices in general, as well as their characteristics and features. First of all, a GPS device is a gadget which you can use to accurately pinpoint your exact location, wherever you are, by using imaging systems and satellite data. This is the key and most important function of every GPS device. However, various devices can have various additional features, as well, depending on the manufacturer and the model. These additional features can come very handy for a number of activities, especially street ones.

Different models for different needs

There are different types of GPS devices. Those used for street activities and navigation have become immensely popular in the last few years. Their popularity and features have made them an irreplaceable item for all those who enjoy running through the streets, parkouring on top of buildings and more. Navigational systems have also become quite popular with other sports lovers, such as hikers, golfers, sailors, bikers and others. Modern GPS systems have also become highly sought after devices for pet owners because they allow them to quickly and easily locate their pets if they get separated or lost.

Try one out

If you are still reluctant to the idea of using a GPS device for various street activities and outdoor hiking, perhaps you should just borrow one and see for yourself the advantages and benefits of using it. This doesn’t mean you have to get rid of your trusty street map or regional map. Just give it a chance and see how it operates. You will be pleasantly surprised by its effectiveness, ease of use and convenience, as well as how much difference it can make. This way, you will understand much more easily and quickly why so many extreme hikers and street athletes have decided to use them for their activities.

What to buy?

When looking for the best device, always start from the basics; same goes when you are buying the jacket you need and boots for motorcycling. If you are new to GPS and would like to make the best possible purchase, you will have to familiarize yourself with its features and characteristics. You should go from the simplest of models, and then proceed with the more complicated ones if you think you are competent enough to use them. Advanced GPS devices include not only standard land maps, but also local bodies of water and a plethora of other information on your current location.

Lastly, always make sure to do some researching before making a purchase. A thorough search will allow you to find a GPS device, that will perfectly suit your street activities and other requirements.