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As with most ideas that eventually affect change, Streets are for People! grew out of a frustration that things weren't right. Our neighbourhoods were overrun with cars, our streets were dangerous, and you couldn't breathe the air. Rather than sitting around complaining, we decided to do something. Ideas grew, bringing people together and projects to life.

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parking meter parties!
you can quit driving
walk21 conference
construction zone reclamation!
cruiser rides!
pedestrian sundays! in Kensington Market with the P. S. Kensington Working Group
cardboard cars! "Free Parking Space" with Pedestrian Mob
ReEvolution Day Arkestra! with The New Kings, Samba Elegua, Richard Underhill and the Kensington Horns
world car free day! 2005 : 2006 : 2007
bicycle cavalry for peace!
streets are for picnics!
community vehicular reclamation project!
earth day 2007!
bike polo!