Photography for street activities


Photography is the act of taking pictures with a camera and then processing the images. Photography is essential for our day to day life. It is one of the few ways that we can remember the past and tell stories in the future. Street activities are events that take place on the road. Such events could either be planned or coincidental. A typical example of a street activity is a carnival. Photography for street activities is an essential type of photography. There are certain best practices that a street photographer must adhere to create the best pictures possible when photographing street activities. They are as follows:

1. Always be ready with your camera:
Photographers take photos like a professional of street actions should always be ready with his camera. This is because street activities involve a significant number of people doing different things when you miss a moment, you may not get another opportunity to capture it. As a street photographer, you need to be prepared with your camera and click the shutter as soon as you see any interesting subject or witness a captivating moment.

2. Use your background efficiently:
Another tip to taking great photographs of street activities is to learn to use your environment efficiently. Streets are usually full of crowd, objects, e.t.c Photographing a person or an event with several things happening in the background can muddle up the scene of the picture. If you discover that your photo’s background tends to distract the viewer, then it is better to blur the background in other to get the best picture possible.

3. Don’t shoot while standing:
Another essential tip that a street photographer requires for success when shooting street activities is to avoid standing to get a shot. When photographing street activities, you should always be ready to crouch to capture the best possible angle.During street activities, there would be several people standing, sitting,e.t.c. At this point, crouching to take pictures gives you the best possible angle. Taking pictures of people sitting down when you are standing makes your target look small.

4. Be prepared to ask for permission:
When taking photographs of street activities, an essential etiquette of street photography is that you must be ready to ask for permission. When you are taking a close-up picture of a particular person or group of people, ask for their authorization in a friendly way. Do not try to take a close-up picture stealthily. It is better to ask for permission under these circumstances to avoid trouble.

5. Use the Depth-of-Field (DOF) Technique:
The Depth of Field(DOF) is a street photography technique that is suitable for taking pictures of people in a crowd. DOF compliments the subject and focuses on a single individual in a group of individuals. If you are taking photographs of street activities, ensure that you use a camera that has a DOF feature.

6. Take pictures only in lighted areas:
If you are taking photographs of street activities, ensure that you focus your camera’s lenses only on bright areas of the street. Taking pictures of dark corners may be a waste of your time as the photographs may not be good enough. Make the most of the bright parts of the street so that you can get the best possible photographs.