Public Toilet Makeover Using Street Art

What do you do when you want to release yourself and you are in a public place? This is a call of nature that does not dictate or choose when it comes. You have to just release yourself at that time. If you are on the streets then the only option then is the public toilet. There are others that are free while others you pay a small fee for maintenance purposes. This is the time entrepreneurs have used this chance to make sure the toilets are attractive as much as they are clean. Have you gone to a toilet that has some street art on them? If not then make a date with such a place and you will notice a difference when it comes to even just the ambiance. Why street art in a public toilet?

  • Solves mystery and intrigues
  • Enhances one’s creativity levels
  • Communicates to the public
  • Creates a happy mood
  • Provides a sense of humor and beauty

There are some of the street art that just leaves your tongue-tied. You have many questions than answers. First, you have to ask yourself the meaning of street art and the objective the artist wanted to achieve. It gives your mind some work. It sticks to your mind just the same way you want to solve a puzzle. The moment there is mystery then you have to strive to solve it.

Street art is not an activity that any artist can do, you have to be creative to avoid confusion when portraying the message. Any artist who wants to join this street art industry then you have to be sure of the images that you put in place to enhance morals and virtues that the people of the area value.

In politics, even in public toilets, you can convey a social or political statement. It is an area that you know everyone visits and based on the political temperatures at that time; you can choose a relevant political statement that you want to put across.

There is a difference when it comes to the attitude in a public toilet with just a plain wall and one with street art on it. When you get to such a toilet you are attracted to the images and probably it ignites some good memories which automatically has an effect on enhancing a positive mood of the visitors.

The moment you get a comfortable design for a public toilet room then you need to incorporate street art. This is how street art can turn public toilet rooms as Instagrammable as hotel toilet rooms as long as you make sure that it comes with a great flushing toilet and other must-haves. Make a public toilet something the visitors want to frequently visit since they not only go there to relieve themselves but also to learn something out of creativity. Take note make sure that the images portray a form of respect such that both the adults and children can visit without fear of shame.